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Centrifuges Centrifuge

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Our centrifuge delivers outstanding performance and reliability in the lab. To advanced floor models and innovative carbon fiber rotors - all offer great quality for consistent results. Achieve unmatched productivity, versatility, performance and easy to use with our centrifuges, rotors and accessories. Meet application needs ranging from clinical and blood banking; microbiology; tissue culture; molecular biology and genomics; drug discovery; and proteomics.

  • " Positive action brake system.
  • " Microprocessor control.
  • " Interlocking door for safety.
  • " Digital display of RPM, RCF, time and program.
  • " Maintenance-free, noiseless, and brushless AC induction motor.
  • " Display of abnormality: imbalance, door-open, setting failure and over speed.
  • " Set conditions can be changed while spinning.

Compound Microscopes

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The Compound Microscopes are designed with a compound lens system. The objective lens provides the primary magnification which is compounded (multiplied) by the ocular lens (eyepiece). The Compound microscopes are also known as Biological or High Power microscopes. They are used for viewing transparent specimens that are not typically visible to the naked eye. The compound microscope uses a very short focal length objective lens to form a greatly enlarged image. This image is then viewed with a short focal length eyepiece used as a simple magnifier. The image should be formed at infinity to minimize eyestrain. By the high power Compound Microscope, We will be able to examine cells and microscopic life in amazing detail.

Digital Hemoglobine Meter

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The Hemoglobin Meter allows to test people's blood levels. The Hemoglobin Meter operates the same way that a glucose meter works with people who are monitoring their diabetes. With Hemoglobin Meter people do not need to go to doctor for checking their hemoglobin levels. They can check their hemoglobin levels by their self.

  • Principle: Optical reflectance.
  • Parameter: Hemoglobin.
  • Sample: Capillary or venous whole blood (15~20 ul).
  • Strip: H12 Hemoglobin Test Strip.
  • Speed: Result in 10?30 seconds.
  • Range: 4.0g/dL?24.0g/dL.
  • Calibration: Factory Calibrated according to ICSH.
  • Memory: 250 test results.
  • Power: One CR2032 Battery.
  • Automatic: Self-checking, auto-judging and displaying malfunction.

Hot Air Ovens

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We are a reckoned manufacturer of premium quality Hot Air Oven, which comprises double walled construction. Herein, the inner chamber is made of stainless steel and external chamber of G.I sheets Powder coated. For protection measures, the gap between the two walls filled with glass-wool insulation.

We offer Optional Accessories such as Forced Air circulating system with fan for uniformity of temperature and S.S. wire-mesh shelves.

  • Integrated with G.I. wiremesh shelves.
  • Temperature controlled by thermostat.
  • Temperature Range : 50oC to 250oC accuracy ±2oC.
S. No. Chamber Size in Inches No of Shelves
1. 13" x 13" x 13" 2
2. 15" x 15" x 15" 2
3. 19" x 19" x 19" 3
4. 19" x 19" x 25" 4
5. 25" x 25" x 25" 4
6. 25" x 25" x 37" 5

Medical Microscopes

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The Medical Microscopes are designed for routine pathological tests in labs, hospitals and clinics. Monocular stable inclinable body with triple nosepiece, having very precise graduated slow motion reading to 0.002 mm and separate coarse motion knobs, graduated mechanical stage, fixed eye-piece tube, rack and pinion motion for abbe condenser N.A. 1.2 with iris-diaphragm and filter holder with following optics. The Medical Microscopes are packed in thermocol box.

  • Eyepieces: 10x (H) and 5x or 15x (H)
  • Objectives: 10x, 45x and 100x oil immersion
  1. SUP. MARKED with 10x EP (WF)
  2. SUP. NON ISI with 10x (WF) &15x(H)
  3. Routine
  4. Regular with 10x (H) & 15x(H)

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